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Appalachia Kentucky is full of smart, creative, hard-working people. We have the unique opportunity to add value to the increasingly digital workforce — all we need is the skills and open doors to do it. Shaping Our Appalachian Region is connecting partners across the region to give our residents access to discounted internet, digital skills training, and open jobs — both in-person and remote — in Eastern Kentucky.

Follow four steps to find work in Appalachia Kentucky

We believe it’s possible for everyone in our region to earn a high-paying wage without having to move to another county or state. You can take four steps to find the job of your dreams without leaving home.

Step 1: Get discounted internet

If you don’t have home access to the internet or struggle to pay your monthly bill, you can now save up to $30 a month on internet costs — that’s up to $360 a year — be applying for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Shaping Our Appalachian Region has partnered with the FCC to launch this program to help close the digital divide in Eastern Kentucky.

Apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program discount.
Shaping Our Appalachian Region can help you get free skills training in Eastern Kentucky.

Step 2: Access free skills training

Shaping Our Appalachian Region and the SkillUp Coalition have partnered to offer Eastern Kentucky residents almost 50 short-term national and local training programs — all low-cost or free — through the Eastern Kentucky training catalog.

Step 3: Browse open positions

We’ve reduced the challenge of finding open positions in Eastern Kentucky. Our job boards are consistently updated and growing with new, competitive-paying work opportunities in our region.

Work with Shaping Our Appalachian Region.
Shaping Our Appalachian Region can help you relocate to Eastern Kentucky.

Step 4: Relocate to Eastern Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky residents know our region is one of the best places to live and play. It’s also a perfect place to work, and we welcome those who want to relocate here.

Learn about our region and see what it would be like to live in one of our cities through our exclusive EKY Remote website.

Are you an Eastern Kentucky community leader?

Take advantage of the digital economy by training your residents for remote work and attracting talent to your community.

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