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Our best days are ahead

Eastern Kentucky is a region filled with natural beauty, talented people, and rich history. That’s why SOAR believes it’s worth fighting for. Nobody is going to solve our problems for us. Solutions will only be found by coming together.

At SOAR, Eastern Kentucky and its interests come first in all that we do. We believe in treating others the way that we want to be treated. We model positivity, creativity, and optimism. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out and get involved today. The future of our region is counting on us.

Our core values


We believe in the impossible. Faith is at the core of our values because we firmly believe in things we can’t see. We envision an Eastern Kentucky full of opportunity, one that competes and thrives in the 21st century economy. Everything we do today is guided by where we want to be tomorrow.

Meet the team

Colby Hall SOAR

Colby Hall

Executive Director
Joshua Ball SOAR

Joshua Ball

Chief Operating Officer
Keriston Smith SOAR

Keriston Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Claudette Enriquez

Strategic Communications Coordinator

Misty Lewis Feltner

Digital Media Coordinator

Betty Hays

Digital Navigator

SOAR Innovation Team

Sabrina McWhorter

Director of Business and Innovation

Kristin Norman

Digital Strategy Coordinator

Latasha Friend

Client Success Coordinator

Kacy Hicks

Startup Engagement Coordinator

Public Partners

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