The Remote Work Playbook for Eastern Kentucky Leaders

The internet is a gamechanger for Eastern Kentucky.

It levels the playing field, finally allowing us to compete for economic and career growth opportunities through remote work.

Investing in our region for the future of work is so important, we created The Remote Work Playbook for Eastern Kentucky Leaders. Inside this free resource, you’ll learn:

  • How to invest in and retain your existing workforce with remote work
  • Who needs to be involved in broadband expansion and why
  • How to make public-private partnerships work for everyone involved
  • Steps you can take today to fund broadband in your community
  • How to attract a modern workforce from outside Eastern Kentucky

This is the most important problem any of us will solve in our lifetimes. Our best and brightest are leaving, small businesses are suffering, and our population numbers are dwindling.

Our regional mandate is clear:  We must join forces to embrace remote work through broadband expansion.

This playbook is the first step to get us there. Download it today!

Remote Work Playbook

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