What will it take to reverse population loss?

If we recruit remote workers, the future is bright for Eastern Kentucky

Thousands of individuals and families are seeking a community-oriented lifestyle that only Eastern Kentucky can offer. 

If we want to increase local revenues and attract young talent to our region, we have to go find the remote workers interested in making a move—and welcome them with open arms.

SOAR created The Remote Work Playbook Part II: Strategies to Promote Remote Worker Relocation to Eastern Kentucky to do just that.

It will help you generate these results:

  • Favorable conditions for local small business 
  • Thriving downtowns 
  • Larger school enrollments
  • New career opportunities
  • More resources for our hospitals
  • High-speed, at-home broadband

Implementing a remote worker recruitment strategy is a win-win for Eastern Kentucky communities.

Download this playbook today to get started! 

This resource was sponsored by Kentucky Power, the Appalachian Regional Commission, and MakeMyMove.

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