The Plan

Your story is our story, too

For decades, Eastern Kentucky has been the backbone of America. We built an industry that fueled the country’s economy. Electricity only spread — and WWII couldn’t have been won — without our coal. Our workforce continues to keep the lights on, the assembly lines churning, and food on the tables of Americans.

While our economy has changed, the one thing that hasn’t is the caliber of people who call Eastern Kentucky home. We’re still the same resilient, determined, talented communities that powered America for so long. We may be the underdog, but we’re here for the fight. And we’re determined to come out on top.

The Blueprint for Appalachia

A never-been-done-before strategy, the Blueprint for the Future of Appalachia is an economic transition plan led by those who created it – the people who call Eastern Kentucky home.

The Blueprint for Appalachia

Broadband & last mile

Our priority is to bring affordable, high-speed broadband to every home and business in Eastern Kentucky. There are millions of dollars of funding available and we believe with a proper gameplan, our region can use it to make last-mile internet a reality.

Download the Remote Work Playbook for Eastern Kentucky Leaders.

EKY Jobs

SOAR believes every Eastern Kentuckian deserves access to employment that provides a living wage and benefits. Whether you’re looking for a job with a local employer or for a remote position with national companies, these resources will help.

Code Kentucky

We’ve partnered with Code Kentucky to offer FREE online training for remote jobs in tech. Learn more about our upcoming training.

Healthy Communities

SOAR is health-focused, with a mission to reduce the physical and economic impact of obesity, diabetes, and substance abuse. We’re also an expert resource for all things COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has partnered with SOAR to lead the charge on health and disease prevention in Eastern Kentucky. Our joint efforts address regional health disparities in access, quality of care, and health outcomes.

SOAR Healthy Communities

Entrepreneurship & small business

One of the aspects of the SOAR Blueprint for the Future of Appalachia is to promote and provide resources for entrepreneurship. We’ve created SOAR Innovation as a dedicated resource to do just that.

Regional prosperity

The Blueprint for the Future of Appalachia is a strategy spearheaded by the people of Eastern Kentucky. It’s our plan to bring jobs back to Eastern Kentucky by doing what we do best: living, working, and exploring in one of the best places in the world.

SOAR Farm Loans

The SOAR Small Production Loan Fund is a low-interest financing resource supporting and educating growers. It helps small producers grow healthy foods to enable them to move into commercial production. We want to develop a strong local food system in Eastern Kentucky that’s profitable for farmers and supported by the market.

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