Broadband and Last Mile

Leading the charge to bring internet to every Eastern Kentuckian

There are millions of dollars of state and federal funding that can help bring broadband infrastructure to Eastern Kentucky. SOAR is leading collaboration among stakeholders and providers like Kentucky Wired and Accelecom to make last mile development a reality for everyone in our region. With this influx of funding — and a strong gameplan to win it — complete broadband coverage can be a reality.

SOAR Starlink Pilot Program

Eastern Kentucky Broadband Projects

SOAR is constantly working on new broadband projects in Eastern Kentucky. Two initiatives launched in 2022 that led to advances in our region’s access to high-speed internet.

SOAR and the Kentucky Department for Public Health have partnered to launch a second SpaceX Starlink pilot project in rural Meathouse Creek in Martin County.

Helping communities prepare to win broadband funding

Set your community up for success by completing these five essential steps before seeking broadband funding.

Step 1: Form a fiber board

A fiber board or broadband board is a group of diverse community stakeholders who meet regularly to advocate for, make decisions about, and implement broadband.

Responsibilities of the fiber board:

  • Conducting feasibility studies and broadband mapping
  • Building private and public partnerships
  • Prioritizing broadband projects
  • Applying for and distributing broadband funding

Finding the perfect funding fit

Below is an updated list of the broadband-specific funding opportunities available to the Eastern Kentucky region.

Affordability Connectivity Program

ARC’s POWER Initiative

Lifeline Program for Low-Income Consumers

Qualified Private Activity Bonds

USDA ReConnect: Round 4

How to submit a winning broadband proposal

For the best chance of winning funding for your broadband project, follow the expert guidelines we’ve laid out after talking to grantors across the region.

Additional broadband and last mile resources

Federal Funding

A complete list of national funding opportunities targeted at broadband and last mile projects.

Last Mile Guide

A comprehensive plan and checklist for implementing broadband and last mile.

Broadband Resource Hub

Funding guides, tips & how-tos.

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