Eastern Kentucky’s youth need your help

Experiencing the coal industry collapse taught many Eastern Kentucky kids to fear failure. 

But we know they deserve every opportunity to dream big. 

Investing in youth entrepreneurship can change mindsets, teach valuable skills, and give students a bright future.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Program Plan for Eastern Kentucky outlines how teachers, community leaders, and parents can develop and support student entrepreneurs. 

It contains an easy-to-follow action plan that will help you: 

  • Understand why youth entrepreneurship is essential.
  • Tweak existing lesson plans with entrepreneurship in mind.
  • Develop new lesson plans geared towards mindset and skills development.
  • Create entrepreneurship events.
  • Advocate for student resources.

If we don’t invest in youth entrepreneurship, our brightest graduating students will keep leaving for more promising opportunities to start a business elsewhere.

Together, we can bring opportunities home for them. 

Download the Youth Entrepreneurship Program Plan to get started!

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