December 15th Presentations

Materials and Resources

This link provides a directory of resources to help with both the supply and demand side of economic development via broadband. Does your organization have resources to help? Contact SOAR to have your resources added to this directory

December 16th Presentations

The Connect your Economy Pilot project has selected seven communities to receive eTeams assistance services to help grow local business. The eTeams project anticipates saving or creating close to 100 jobs in rural communities as a result of engaging these businesses in ecommerce strategies. The pilot program is a follow-up from the Connect your Economy Practical Seminar aimed at addressing the disconnect that communities can feel between broadband and economic growth. The pilot seeks to leverage the training provided attendees and give attendees resources to implement the strategy within their community. The eTeams project will provide a specialized combination of direct consulting services along with workshops in Prestonsburg, Morehead, Pineville-Middlesboro, Berea, Hazard, Hyden, and Whitesburg. Over 45 companies have joined the Connect your Economy Pilot under the direction of Ian Mooers of Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP) along with other partners to: identify new markets for business growth, grow manufacturing, and explore their online presence and develop skills in e-commerce, marketing, and social media business practices.

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