Small Business in the Digital Economy
GOAL: To create more and expand existing small businesses within the region by taking full advantage of the digital economy


Focus assistance to support expanded market expansion opportunities for existing companies via the digital economy including e-commerce and export

Strengthen entrepreneurial education, including K-16, and the promotion of successful entrepreneurs within the region

Increase the network density of small business owners and/or entrepreneurs through social networks (digital or physical)

Improve awareness and usage of existing and expand availability of business resources, technical assistance, equity capital, and other assistance programs

Create and expand opportunities for entrepreneurs to competitively pitch ideas for monetary awards

Potential for Collaboration with Other SOAR Goals

21st Century Workforce- through opportunities for employment and valuable experience presented by entrepreneurial activities and increased businesses in the region

Industrial Development- many of the industrial organizations within the region that supplied products/services for the coal industry can find access to new markets through the digital economy

SOAR Regional Blueprint Goals

Strategic Partnerships

These partners are part of the existing ecosystem that can support the realization of creating more and expanding existing small businesses within the region by taking full advantage of the digital economy.  

Ongoing Projects

The eTeams project will be working in 6 Pilot Communities. The eTeams project anticipates saving or creating close to 100 jobs in rural communities as a result of engaging these businesses in eCommerce strategies. More information will be available soon on the Connect your Economy page

Looking for Help?

Assistance Resources

The Assitance directory highlights strategic partners that may be able to help you in the implementation of mature stage projects needing one final piece of the puzzle.